Monday, March 14, 2005

The Gates may be down but I'm not

It's late, yes. But just yesterday I read a NYT wedding story that mentioned the new bride and groom celebrated on the last day The Gates were up. That made me think of them today on the shuttle home - a night of tender spring light, and I could imagine seeing the saffron (ok, orange - take a look) curtains adding their exclamation to the sunset.

Anyway, the pilgrimage was worth it. What I really loved was the endless stream of humans walking, talking, clutching each other as they strolled the paths in Central Park. They weren't all along CPS, either. I got up into the 90s, and the same animated (even, dare I say, happy) sorts were wending their way along the paths. Craning their necks and looking hard - knowing these views were leaving soon. That's why it was so nice to picture them again today in another place.

Even better than the good humor they fostered in seeing them were the affectionate spoofs they inspired. My favorite is The Crackers, though of course the simply-conceived Somerville Gates were delightful (especially to the cat).

What can I say? I love Christo. Maybe even Jeanne-Claude, in theory at least. Long may they wrap and drape.

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