Saturday, December 30, 2006

Yikes, where did 21 months go?

OK, OK already. I won't defend or explain 21 missing months. Let's just say the rest of life overtook any attempt at writing. Besides, I write all day (and many evenings) for work. But hey, tomorrow is practically a new year, and I'm hoping to keep to the keyboard again for my own self.

As for today, I discovered a fantastic impromptu art spot near Albany, off 80 right by Golden Gate Meadows - sort of a Burning Man-meets-the-old-Berkeley-estuary sort of art. I need to take some pix myself. One of the main pieces looks like this. And here's another one. Sweet.

And then I'm thinking about how Bill Condon is a genius -- saw Dreamgirls yesterday, and it is hot. Condon took a brilliant theatrical musical and then made a compelling film musical -- no easy task -- in so doing made a giant and vivid saga come alive all over again. Makes me want to sort out fact from fiction (Berry Gordy ... Diana Ross ... the Motown machine and who got left behind.) I see Wikipedia is already on top of it re Florence Ballard, the inspiration for the Effie White character.

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