Sunday, July 15, 2007

The pleasures of a Sunday

A sunny, glorious Sunday, but cool and featuring clouds aplenty. This follows my foray yesterday into a blazing hot sojourn to Forestville/Guerneville (note to self: you are not ready to buy a house in the country). But the drive and visit reminded me of falling in love with Oregon in 1974 -- how the sun released the fragrance of fir trees.

And today I had a distinctly San Francisco pleasure: spotting Lawrence Ferlinghetti heading in to Trader Joe's South of Market.

Photograph by Abraham Aronow; found on

I did a double take. He noticed. I kept moving. So did he. What would I say to a giant of publishing and free speech but "thank you"? Thank you so much for being principled. For embracing free spirits in a time when most didn't. For encouraging other artists to say what they needed to, and then presenting it to the rest of us? For continuing to create and speak up.

Found a great William Wolff woodblock print from 1985.

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