Monday, October 24, 2011

The other shoe drops...@twitter

A couple of weeks I wrote an affectionate farewell to the Goog, where I hung my hat for a long time. Today, I've landed at my next new thing: Twitter. I'll be working closely with the marketing & comms teams (and probably a few others) in a new role: editorial director. As you might guess, it will involve a fair amount of wordsmithing as well as nurturing a consistent Twitter voice across our public messages and information pages.

I've been enamored of Twitter for a good while now, and am both pleased and amazed at how its value and influence have grown in an incredibly short time. Count me in what promises to be an extremely fun ride — and I'm sure you'll let me know how the Twitter voice works for you, or doesn't. Just give me a small window before you start with the heavy feedback!

And of course, feel free to follow me @kvox.


Amit said...


Unknown said...

such a perfect role for you.. and them!

Readhead said...



pezzin said...

Congratulations Karen!
Ciao ciao from Italy,

Matthew said...

Good stuff. I have become absorbed with the simplicity and power of reach with Twitter as well, more so in the past few months than in the last two years. Looking forward to the progress and impact you make. Cheers.

After Darkness Light said...

I just heard a great piece on Twitter algorithms this a.m., on KQED radio. Give it a listen!

Renata Honorato said...
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Renata Honorato said...

Hello Karen, how are you?

I am Brazilian journalist and I am trying to contact Twitter's Press team. I sent some messages to, but unfortunately I did not receive any feedback yet.

I work at VEJA's website.VEJA is Brazil's leading weekly magazine, published in São Paulo and distributed by Grupo Abril, one of Latin America's largest and most influential communications conglomerates.

Could you send me a phone number from press team, please?

Thank you very much.